Ham Radio

We are  enthusiasts of amateur radio and tourism. We organize trips to different countries each year with amateur radio equipment in our bags. We enjoy hiking, visiting different places and amateur radio hobby simultanously.

EX0PL Kyrgyzstan

We did over 1200 qso, made new friend EX7MK. We visited World Nomad Games and many places around Issyk-Kul Region. We were active from difficult location Jeti Oguz Resort sourranded by Tien Shan Mountains. Trip members (SP9KAT & SP9PGE): SP9ONC, SP9OUV, SP9ETE, SQ9IWS, SP9AMF, SQ9OUK, SP9NLT, SQ9MCI, SP9SCZ, SP9IVD, SP9MZH, SP9DEM See Czytaj dalej…

ER0PL Moldova

We did over 1500 qso, Beskid Amateur Radio Emergency Network training and visited many places around this less known country in Europe famous of wines. It was our first trip by car. Trip members: SP9ONC, SP9OUV, SP9ETE, SQ9IWS, SP9NLT, SQ9OUK, SQ9ITA, SQ9MCI See ER0PL on YouTube: part1, part2, part3, part4, part5, part6, part7, Czytaj dalej…

4L9PL Georgia

We met 4L2M, 4L4GB during our stay and started to be friends. We did over 3000 QSO, Beskid Amateur Radio Emergency Network training and built UHF FM/DMR repeater 4L7NIK as a gift from us to Georgian hams. We visited many places around amazing Kakheti Region. Trip members: SP9ONC, SQ9AC, SP9ETE, Czytaj dalej…

SX9PL Crete

Our first abroad trip with amateur radio.  We met  new, very helpful friends SV9IOQ, SV9IOO, SV9AHZ during our stay. We did over 2000 QSO and visited many beautiful places on Crete: White Mountains and amazing beaches by Libian Sea. Trip members: SP9ONC, SP9JKB, SQ9AC, SP9ETE, SP9NLT See SX9PL movie. More info SX9PL